Thursday, April 12, 2012

10 years & counting! Chris & Brittani Allen :: Vow Renewal

TBB friends, Chris and Brittani Allen, are preparing to say "I do" all over again...10 years later!  This wonderful couple is anxious to renew their vows in a beautiful vow renewal ceremony in November 2013!  The Allen's are parents to their two beautiful children, Jaden and Aliya.  TBB introduces you to The Allen's by highlighting the story of how they met below.  As the vow renewal approches, you will learn more about this awesome couple and their experience as "10-year newlyweds!"

How Brittani and Chris met:

Brittani's version:  I met Chris on a Bible Study Wednesday on the church bus. Initially, I was introduced by my friend Christin, I didn’t pay much attention to this handsome and tall guy, but instead, focused on preparing for church. After receiving a powerful word, I felt compelled to give an offering and as I stood up to walk to the pulpit, Chris said he would come along. While on the way back to our seats, I noticed he was being quite chatty and friendly. I immediately grew nervous thinking this might be trouble. Two days following this initial meeting, my friend (who I thought might have had interest in Chris) knocked on my door and gave me a piece of paper with a name and number on it. Needless to say, it was his. And the rest is history.

Chris' version:    I was getting on the bus to head to Bible Study and spotted Brittani sitting next to a friend of mine and said to myself, “She is fine!” I asked my friend who was that girl. She told me that Brittani was her next door neighbor in her dorm at Spelman. Since a friend of hers is a friend of mine, I went to sit by her and talked to her on the way to church. Towards the end of service, I went with Brittani to give an offering and to have another chance to speak with her. I knew there was something special about her, so I gave my number to Christin and asked her to pass it along to her pretty friend for me.

The Vow Renewal:

Brittani:  Since we did not have a traditional wedding ceremony, I have always said we will have one to mark our 10 year wedding anniversary. We will host this event at the Emory Conference Center Hotel on November 2, 2013. We are planning a small and intimate celebration with our closest friend’s and family that have supported us from the beginning.

The Blessed Brides wishes the very best to Chris and Brittani as they prepare for their special day!  It's going to be beautiful!

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