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Featured Love :: Joshua & Melissa Demski

Joshua & Melissa Demski

The greatest thing in life is to love and to be loved in return. ♥
- a favorite quote from Melissa Demski

I am truly elated to feature Joshua and Melissa Demski!  Melissa and I had the pleasure to become friends while working together years ago.  She is truly a one-of-a-kind gal!  With radiant beauty and outrageous wit, Joshua is one lucky guy to have such an awesome woman to call his wife! 

I absolutely love their story!  From the beginning, it seems as Melissa and Joshua were meant to be Mr. and Mrs. Demski!

How They Met

Melissa and Joshua met in high school where she was on the dance team and he was captain of the basketball team. Melissa could not resist Joshua’s wit and charm. Joshua could not resist Melissa’s intellect, nor her remarkable dance moves. :)  Dating for 12 years and they have been through a lot in life. They have come through each experience stronger and more in love with each other.

Melissa's side of the story

It all began in 1999 when I was a sophomore in high school! Josh and I had aerobics class together where one of his friends introduced us. However, we officially met when I was in kindergarden! Josh was good friends with my neighbors and the boys would pick on us. We thought they had cooties and stayed away! Fast forward 10 years later and the rest is history. From our first kiss at the homecoming football game where I got blue paint all over his nose, to the surprise roses he gave me everyday to win me over, to the day he proposed in the park, it has been an amazing roller coaster ride!

Joshua's side of the story

1999 What a Year!! The first time Melissa and I officially met was back in 1989 when I was in 2nd grade and Melissa was in kindergarten. But the first time we dated I was a in my Senior Year, Melissa was in her Sophomore Year! From the first dance at the Friday night dance, to the first kiss under Friday nights lights, I wouldn't change a thing!! We have been through a lot and learned so much about each other.

Becoming Mr. and Mrs. Demski

Melissa and Joshua were married in a gorgeous, fairytale wedding on 09.10.11!  The traditional and modern elements added unique wedding memories for the couple to hold dear for many years to come!

The beautiful couple!

Simply beautiful! *TBB favorite*

The wedding party is ready to party!

Traditional wedding ceremony attire

Stunning!! *TBB favorite*

June 2012 :: Josh & Melissa are pleased to announce that they are proud parents-to-be!!
  Congratulations to the Demski family as they prepare to welcome their bundle of joy!

Such a cute and clever announcement idea!

The Blessed Bride would like to thank Joshua and Melissa for sharing their beautiful wedding with us!  We wish you all the best!

Credits: (formerly - wedding photography
Yikmun Photography - baby announcement photography

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