Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wowzers! I'm engaged!

Wowzers! I'm engaged!
Before the engagement, I thought that I knew exactly when it would happen and how I would react when Patrick decided to propose.  Boy, was I wrong!  Patrick's timing, preparation and overall execution threw me for a complete loop.  What I thought was a girls night out turned into an evening of modern day enchantment!

Originially, I was under the assumption that I was gearing up for a fantastic dinner date with my lovely gal pals of "TG!"  For about a week, we were emailing restaurant suggestions, times, attire, etc. (as we always do.)  We finally decided to dine at one of my favorite restaurants, Taki Japanese Steakhouse in Dunwoody. 

About an hour before arrival time, Patrick's sister & one of my besties, Joi Reed, said that she would just swing by and pick me up since the restaurant is literally next door to my apartment.  Free ride?!  Of course!  After Joi's arrival, we proceeded to the restaurant and were greeted by my gorgeous gaggle of girlfriends who were all decked out in their stilletto-stompin', summer chic swag (as usual for us!) 

The hostess promptly seated us at our reserved table.  During this time, we did our usual "catch-up/updates" chit chat while we placed orders for our beverages.  All of a sudden, the sounds of the Asian-fusion melodies were replaced by the soft vocals of Jamie Foxx's "When I First Saw You" from the movie, "Dreamgirls."  I look over to my friend, Jennifer Thompson, and we start to talk about how much we love this song and the movie...all the while I'm thinking silently,"This is one of me and Honey's's his ringtone for me." *insert girly blush here*

Then, Jamar Bell, one of Patrick's childhood friends begins to approach our table.  I look up and in shock reply, "Jamar!  What're you doing here?!"  Mind you, I'm still totally clueless as to what is going on.  He proceeds to hand me a beautiful bouquet of callie lillies and begins to read a message about the initial courtship between Patrick and I.  *insert lightbulb* I began to realize what was happening.  Jamar was followed by Tim Goodwell, another childhood friend of Patrick's, with another beautiful bouquet of flowers (yellow roses this time!)  Tim recited another message from Patrick.  Markeil Davis, another friend of Patrick's, then entered and in the same fashion, handed me another arrangement of roses (pink roses!) and a note from Patrick.  After Markeil, Sherrod and Val Pritchett, friends of ours, entered with the last rose bouquet (red roses!) and another note from Patrick. 

Then, in true Prince Charming form, my Honey strolls down the aisle holding a small box in his hand.  He proceeds to take my hand and escorts me up from my seat.  Patrick then begins to kneel down on one knee and shares an intimate passage with me before asking me to become his wife.  He opens the box and the stunning diamond ring inside sends my eyes into overdrive! At this point, I muster up enough mental clarity to close my jaw-dropped mouth and accept my darling's proposal with a "yes" and an internal "thank you, God."

After the proposal, we were greeted by our family and friends, who were anxiously awaiting in a private dining room of the restaurant.  My parents, Patrick's parents, and other friends greeted us as we sat down and prepared for dinner.  During dinner, the house band serenaded Patrick and I with the song, "Love Will Keep Us Alive" and I was given a beautiful set of pearl earrings and a signature keepsake photo by Patrick's mother, Mrs. Reed.

Still very excited and in the moment, we finished dinner and began to leave the restaurant.  Patrick stated that he wanted me to ride over to his home with my parents.  I agreed.  Once we entered the house, I was greeted by a "Congratulations Patrick and Angela" banner displayed on the fireplace mantle, adorned by wedding bell balloons on either side. Our Husky, Isis, was dressed in the cutest pink shirt with the words, "Mom said YES" on the back...a special present from Patrick's sister, Joi!  A delicious cake and glasses of sparkling grape juice awaited us in the kitchen.  Toasts from family and friends followed as the night came to a wonderful close.

Patrick's proposal totally surprised me!  It is a night that I will truly never forget.
The question of a lifetime...

Yes!  I accept!
The newly engaged couple!

Our princess, Isis!  Her shirt says, "Mom said yes!"

And this, ladies and gentlemen, was the "birth" of The Blessed Bride!

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