Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The ring bling...does it really mean a thing?

20 carats?!  Yes, you read/hear right.  Recently, a reality personality found herself with this precious stone as an engagement ring from her basketball player fiance'.

As I inadvertently listened to various reports via television news/entertainment news shows, I wondered, "Where in the world did they mine that stone?!" 

Grant it, in my days, the largest diamond I have seen on a woman's finger was a 12 carat stone.  It appeared as a gigantic ice cube nestled on her finger!  No doubt it was stunning!!  But as I watched her walk away, (with her unmarked security), I wondered, "Is that a symbol of love or the woman's love of a symbol?"

But, this begs to ask the age old question:  Does the size of the bling matter??  Should you pitch in to 'assist' your beau in making sure you obtain the ring of your dreams?  Or should you accept what he felt was a true reflection of his love for you?

When you are truly in love, the size of the heart should matter most.  I remember my girlfriends and I would discuss love, marriage and relationships and use the phrase, "I'd marry him with a Cheerio!"  And for me, this phrase rang true!  Fortunately, my Honey dazzled me with quite a 'lucky charm!' ;-) *that fella, gotta love him!*

Would love to hear from you gals (and guys!) :-)

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