Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Showered in Southern Fashion" :: A 'Belle' of a Bridal Shower

                                                             A Sweet Southern Affair

"Well, I do declare!" :-)

Sweet, southern elegance filled the air as I was greeted at a bridal shower hosted by my future in-laws.  As any true southern woman knows, hats are a must-have staple in the south.  The larger, the better!  And as a lover of hats, the host committee decided to incorporate hats into the bridal shower theme.

Upon making my entrance into the beautifully decorated venue, I was greeted by my future mother-in-law, Mrs. Patti Reed, in addition to my future aunt-in-law, Mrs. Peggy Russell, and my future 'honorary' aunt, Mrs. Shelton Wright.  After initial greetings, I was presented with a white, lace-trimmed accordian fan.  (Another must-have staple!)

As I entered the venue, I was welcomed by my future sister-in-law, Mrs. Joi Fairell, in addition to my host of bridesmaids, who all looked simply fabulous in their hat and dress ensembles!  The bridal shower guests were each given an accordian fan to complete their southern belle ensembles.

Once the shower began, we participated in an ice breaker, which is similar to musical chairs, but instead of moving seat to seat, each guests passed along a bouquet.  This was such a fun game and allowed time for the guests to mingle and loosen up for the rest of the events.

After the ice breaker, lunch was served!  Fresh squeezed lemonade, fresh cut fruit arrangements, yellow and white frosted cupcake tiers, and the entree, which featured delicious chicken salad with finely chopped celery and walnuts, beautifully arranged in pineapple halves, topped with a strawberry.  The lunch was fantastic!  Every item was just as tasty as it was beautiful!

Once lunch was finished and a few more games were played, it was time to open the gifts.  The guests really outdid themselves to make certain my home would be equipped for marriage! :-)  I will definitely need to put my entertaining skills to work!  Each gift was a wonderful blessing to Patrick and I.

Many thanks to the host committee, who executed the affair with such poise and grace.  The southern elegance shower was truly an affair to remember!

Below are some photographs from the event:

The Belle of the Ball! :-)

The Real Bride/Bridesmaids of Atlanta! :-)

Special thanks to:
 - The host committee:  Mrs. Patti Reed, Mrs. Peggy Russell, Mrs. Joi Fairell, and Mrs. Shelton Wright
 - The Atlanta bridesmaids:  Ms. Ashley Scruggs, Ms. Kyla Clark, Ms. Jennifer Thompson, Ms. Stephanie Thompson, Ms. Tiffany Cadogan, and Mrs. Joi Fairell
 - The family and friends who attended to support the bride 

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