Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Band in the Bed"

From the moment Patrick, my fiance', proposed to me, there was no greater feeling than seeing the ever-longed-for engagement ring resting on my finger.  Even hours after the proposal, I simply gazed at this sparkling stone set upon my hand.  I can fondly remember traveling back to my apartment and preparing for bed.  As I brushed my teeth, I glanced down thinking, "Well, what do we do, ring?"  I had placed my newly acquired ring box on my nightstand, but something within me questioned whether or not to sleep with my ring on.

Although that night I chose to safely place my ring back in its box, now that I have been engaged for nearly 7 months, it is not unlikely to find me wearing my ring to bed on occasion.  (although, it MUST come off for lotion application! :-) )  Wearing it to bed is not a trend with me, but I do wonder if it is a daily routine for some women.
Now, someone reading this may think, "How trivial!"  But, in all actuality, I'm certain there are more newly engaged brides-to-be who have wondered and currently wonder the same issue!

One point winning my argument for wearing your ring to bed is if you suddenly have to leave your home in a panic (i.e. family emergency, fire, etc.) *God forbid any of those happen* But, hey, it's a valid point.

I've grown to consider my ring not only as a symbol of our love, but more of an extension of our love.  I mean, I feel weird cleaning without my ring, yet alone forgetting to put it on one day!  (luckily that has happened only twice!)

So, this opens the question, "Do you sleep with or without your wedding ring?"


  1. I do not and cannot sleep with my wedding ring on! Truthfully speaking it is a deadly weapon to say the least lol! I sleep on my hands and would have over a 2ct size hole in my face when I woke up...It happened once. #tragic

    My other reason for not wearing it is that I have this horrible habit of snatching off anything that makes me uncomfortable while sleeping. I will wake up with earrings and random pieces of clothing stuffed under my pillow. Prior to getting engaged I wore a birth stone ring that some how always ened up behind the headboard on the floor b/c I unconsciously took it off while sleeping. Therefore, I can't risk the diamond falling astray behind the bed.


  2. I do sleep my my engagement and wedding band on. I only take my ring off to shower and apply lotion. I feel it is a symbol for the love and commitment my husband and I for one another. Just the other day we took a day trip to the beach and I only wore my wedding band because I didn't want to lose my diamond! So to end my store if it were up to me I would never remove my ring from my finger.

  3. I do not sleep with my engagement ring on, and I don't plan to sleep with my wedding ring. It is very uncomfortable for me to wear jewelry to bed. I take all jewelry off and place it in my sorority keepsake box in my dresser drawer before going to bed. If I have to leave unexpectedly, I'm "trained" to go straight to the box to avoid leaving the house without any jewelry on...including my precious LEO diamond ENGAGEMENT ring!! :-)

  4. I actually sleep with my ring on. I think that it is more of a personal preference than anything because I tend to lose things frequently and Lord Knows if I lost this ring I would literally DIE! LOL and I am afraid that if I take it off I may lose it or forget where I placed it.

    However, there are times I wake up in the middle of the night to turn my ring around so that the stone is facing the bottom of my hand to prevent that annoying ring indent on my face and because it just hurts to sleep with the diamond facing up.


  5. I don't sleep with my wedding rings on. As soon as I get home (and am home for the evening), I start pealing (rings included). There's rarely a day that goes by that I don't wear my rings and I would be completely devastated if I ever misplaced them. So I take them off and put them in the same place usually every night (my night stand draw).

    Joi A.