Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beauty, Brains & Brands!

As a makeup artist, I get asked the same questions all the time...
  • What are some effective products for an indoor vs. outdoor wedding?
  • Are cost-efficient products just as effective as high-end products?
  • What are the "must have's" to keep my wedding day look perfect from start to finish?
Moisturize!  Moisturize!  Moisturize!!

A great moisturizer replenishes the skin, protecting it from premature dryness.

Cleansing and moisturizing your skin is extremely important and something that I cannot stress enough.  There are great products that can be purchased over the counter or through your local beauty agents.  Some of my personal favorites include Mary Kay's Timewise 3-in-1 Cleanser, Mary Kay's Day Solution Moisturizer with SPF 15 Sunscreen (protection for the outdoor bride), Clinique's Comfort Cream Cleanders and Neutrogena's Deep Clean Cream Cleanser.  Whether you are hosting an indoor or outdoor wedding, applying a makeup primer or matte creme (I prefer to use MAC or Smashbox) will keep the skin radiant and fresh!

More bang for the buck?  Or simply a bang to the wallet??

So many brands!  How's a girl to choose??

Now, let's smash the myth "the more it costs, the better it is."  Not necessarily.  When purchasing products, experiment with different varieties and chose what works best for you.  I battle between using high-end MAC or Make Up Forever concealers vs. the more cost-effective Black Opal or Covergirl concealers.  It's not the cost of a product that makes it any better than another, it's about the performance of the product.  Does it work for your skin?  Does it meet its intended purpose?  These are questions you should ask when choosing products to add to your makeup routine.

Dress?  Check.  Bride?  Check!  Wedding day beauty?  Double check!!

Wedding day preparation can mean all the difference between a picture perfect bride and...

...the frazzled bride!  (don't end up like this!)

Finally, as a woman, but most importantly as a bride, there are some "must have's" that should be tucked in the "lady pocket" of your wedding dress or within arms reach of your Maid-of-Honor.  These items include a blotter, lipstick or gloss, and a Kleenex!

Beauty tip of the week:  Remember to use waterproof makeup on your wedding day.  Specifically waterproof mascara and eyeliner.  This will prevent unsightly dark smudges or tear trails on the face.

Beautifully yours,


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