Saturday, April 16, 2011

The gift of glam! Meet our resident makeup artist, Rhonda!

It is with great excitement that I introduce The Blessed Bride's new resident makeup extraordinaire, Rhonda!  I have had the pleasure to know Rhonda personally (as a friend & sorority sister) and professionally (as my wedding makeup artist!) and I must say, the girl knows her stuff when it comes to all of the glitz, glam, and fresh-faced knowledge of makeup artistry! 

Readers, you are in for a treat!  Rhonda will contribute a weekly post devoted to all things beautiful, glamorous, fun, and flirty in the world of makeup artistry.  TBB is so blessed to have such a gem of a gal join the team!  She definitely has the gift of glam

Rhonda is a native of Atlanta, Georgia.  As a makeup artist, she specializes in bridal, fashion, pagentry, and practically any special event that requires a touch of glam.  She began her career as a makeup artist in high school.  What started as a hobby transformed into a career for this makeup maven!

While in college, Rhonda began working with local photographers.  Upon graduating with a degree in mass communications and art, she realized that makeup artistry was her natural career choice.

Rhonda's client list includes some of the top photographers in the bridal and fashion industry.  Additionally, Rhonda was featured as a spokeswoman for the "Healthy Makes It Happen" beauty campaign with Essence Magazine and Pantene Pro-V.  Rhonda is the owner of her company, "Faces by Rhonda."

Rhonda's mission is to capture a person's unique beauty and style while transforming them into perfection.  She parallels her craft to that of a painter -- transforming blank canvases into amazing works of art!

"I believe that beauty is skin deep, however, the surface also tells a story," says Rhonda.  "I am so blessed to do what I love and love what I do!"

"Beauty is not caused.  It is..." - Emily Dickinson

The Blessed Bride is so thankful to have Rhonda as a vital addition toward our efforts to assist our readers in finding their answers to all things bridal!

Have a question for Rhonda??  Submit it in the comments section below or email your question to  Please include your name and state.

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  1. TBB is so happy to have Rhonda! We can't wait to begin sharing our beauty & makeup trends with you, readers! Send us your questions!